About us



I am just a girl. I grew up knowing the fast freeways of the city and learning to love the desolate, long country roads. When I was too young to drive, I was in the back of an SUV with a load of books, coloring books, games, and stories. Now, I cruise in an old truck with my copilot Disco (my dog)… the windows down, singing songs, day dreaming with nothing but our next adventure ahead.

 I created this business because I wanted to be creative. I wanted to work with my hands. I want to have something that was mine. I have always had a passion for tiny living and still dream of building my own tiny house on a beautiful plot of land somewhere. As I still don’t know where those types of roots will grow, I thought that having my business be just as similar. So that was how the inspiration created my business on wheels. I can take my business anywhere. Its taken a lot of time and hard work to get me to this point, and am ready to embrace all the hard work to create my dream into my reality. I want to be successful in a business that stands behind women empowerment, love, honest, and kindness. I hold this true in my personal life and in my work. I hope you find connection and the same values as I do in the brand.

I started Gypsy Gold to bring the ‘wonderers' together. Our roots don’t come from the ground, but we sure love putting our feet in the dirt, and our relationship with Earth is very deep. If you are like me, you have lived in many places, love the open road, and want to see all the wilderness you can. You love art, music, food, and travel with your eyes and heart wide open. You love being able to explore wherever and whenever you want.

You can bring work with you so you can work to live, not live to work. You also believe life on the road is a luxury and feel blessed to not have to settle down in the conventional sense…yet. Welcome to the tribe Gypsies.



Gypsy Gold is committed to the earth. Let’s make a commitment to leave this place better than we found it. This is the one and only planet we have and we have to make an impact (or stop making an impact) and leave this place better than when arrived. Naturally, being green friendly is huge and we do this in every aspect of business. No stone is left unturned: products, chemicals, fabrics, even our hang tags are made of up of love keeping her litter free…. Mother Earth has been kind, honest and giving to us and she deserves the same respect. Lastly, we are a “SLOW FASHION” company. Each item is made to order. One of the leading industries in waste is fashion, and we want to encourage to have that great wardrobe but not be wasteful.